• Specializedin: Her clientele includes those looking for weight loss, health benefits and overall fitness. Her mantra is “it is never too late” to start a fitness program to make you feel better and get fit. Exercise is the fountain of youth!
  • Experience: Penny is certified as an Ageless Grace instructor which is based on neuroplasticity and is a certified MDT (Muscle Disorder Trainer) who works with individuals with Parkinson Disease, MS, and any other muscular disorders. She is also experienced in working with people with joint, heart, diabetes, and other health issues.
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Penny has been in the health and fitness industry for over 18 years and is certified by ACE (American Council on Exercise). She has a BA in Accounting and Business Administration from Elon University and has worked in the corporate world for over 25 years. She decided to change careers and follow her passion for fitness and helping people become healthy and fit. From her own experience of exercising since she was 23 years old, Penny became an advocate for exercise because it is important for your health, gives you more energy, maintains your weight, improves self-esteem, and improves overall quality of life at any age. Penny even competed in 3 natural bodybuilding competitions at ages 45, 47 and 50. Her last competition she placed 2nd.